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Nowadays building a house, a shop, an industrial building or restoring an old construction, means that it’s not enough just taking the time to express own individual professional skills, but it does mean coordinate and investigate numerous and complex technical, technological, environmental and regulatory aspects that, with idea and shape, contribute in the realization of a modern machine for living, selling, manufacturing or socializing.

It also means design your environmental impact and predict maintenance and possible demolition (or dismantling) in view of the life cycle analysis.

Even the existing buildings have complex issues of energy and structural retrofitting requiring thermohygrometric diagnosis and analysis of seismic vulnerability before reaching an improvement or a functional adaptation.

From this need, it was born the idea of forming a team of technically skilled professionals, able to take on projects and issues with integrated multidisciplinary approach supported by continuous study and knowledge of the most advanced scientific and technological developments: working immediately on a common model and a view shared BIM control, over inconsistencies is maximum and interoperability is guaranteed.

Diligence, perseverance and responsibility are the qualities applied by the team to ensure technically professional and exhaustive support, able to generate confidence in public clients and private; this leads to a design and building lower cost, to a greater speed of design execution , minimizing delays and expenses related to design corrections, and to construction of new and recovered "tailored" buildings a this means for the Client savings, efficiency and guaranteed results.

Each contract awarded is carried out at the highest professional level and with particular attention to meeting needs and requirements of the Customer and to obtain results with high quality, technological and environmental standards.


City planning and urban design
Feasibility studies and concept
General and specialized Designing
Works management
3D graphics and creative projects, realistic simulations for the realization of advertising aimed at the exposure and / or marketing of real estate projects
Technical assistance in the field of safety in construction and public procedures
Analysis of static and seismic vulnerability of existing, public and private, buildings
Environment and territory
Energy certification of buildings
Design and interior furnishing


The design team is composed of:

arch. Ennio Borlandi

arch. Guido Massucco

ing. Michele Mignacco

arch. Erika Rezzani

ing. Alberto Bosso

geol. Alessandro Bosso

The group, according to the order, operates with professionals necessary for the accomplishment of the same, and then each time can be structured by one or more elements.
In some cases, in order to increase the effectiveness of assistance, the group will work in partnership with other professional firms, companies and experts in different disciplines such as design, engineering, reliefs and other specialized subjects.





in Novi Ligure (AL)
Via Cavanna 9/1a

tel/fax +39 0143 71962

Arch. Ennio Borlandi
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Arch. Guido Massucco

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in Gavi (AL)
Via Bertelli 8

tel. +39 0143 642733

Arch. Erika Rezzani

Remodeling and Home Design


Ing. Alberto Bosso
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